About Us

Elliot Roe

Elliot Roe is a Freshman at Geogia Tech University. He has many years of both self-taught and classroom experience in numerous programming languages such as Java, Python, Javascript, HTML, and CSS as well as many years of experience making games in Unity.

Duncan Johnson

Duncan Johnson is a Senior at Bexley High School. In middle school, Duncan taught himself to code, and published his own video game. Since then, Duncan has branched out into coding in Virtual Reality, and is currently working as a Unity VR Developer. In the fall, Duncan will attend Tufts University, and intends to study Computer Science.

Our History

Summer 2019

Duncan and Elliot ran two weeks of our brand new camp out of Elliot’s dining room! Duncan and Elliot taught a dozen students the fundamentals of programming as well as had fun playing many classic camp activities such as Four Square and Capture the Flag.

Summer 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Duncan and Elliot held their second year of camp over Zoom. They taught 30 students, refining their curriculum from the year before. Instead of playing Four Square and Capture the Flag, the camps had fun playing online games of Pictionary.

Summer 2021

In partnership with Bexley Rec, Duncan and Elliot held two weeks of in-person camp in the Bexley Middle School Design Room. They taught 40 students, and were able to utilize the playground that was right out the window in order to take frequent breaks, creating a great balance of programming and summer camp activities.