In-Person Coding Camps

Summer 2022 – Bexley, OH

Location: BHS Computer Science Room

Duncan and Elliot pride themselves on a 5:1 student to instructor ratio which allows them to be flexible with students’ interests!

Leo loved this camp! He was so engaged and excited about what he was learning.  I loved the way Elliot and Duncan interacted with the kids — they didn’t talk down to them at all but were still so helpful and patient when they got stuck.

Aly M

I learned way more than I thought I would learn, mostly because they spent a lot of time making sure we knew what we were doing.

Wilson K

5 stars. Sajan learned a lot and really liked working with you guys. And you were extremely nice!

Varun M

Questions? Email DuncanJohnson99@gmail.com

Programming Fundamentals with Scratch

Students learn the fundamentals of coding by making games in Scratch. Scratch’s drag-and-drop interface gives students a baseline that can be applied to every programming language. Throughout the week, each student will create several games that can be played by family and friends.

-Ages 7-10
-July 18-22 from 1-4pm
-August 1-5 from 9am-12pm

Sign up today! – $139

Creating Video Games with Unity

Students gain an introduction to Unity and C#, two professional game-making tools, through fun mini projects! After learning the basics of programming through Scratch, students gradually move into Unity. Each student makes their own platformer in the style of Mario Bros throughout the week!

-Ages 11-14
-August 1-5 from 1-4pm

Sign up today! – $149

Building Mini-Games with Python

Using our custom-built Python learning tool, students will code a variety of fun mini-games like Mad Libs, Hangman, and a medieval text-adventure game. Python is one of the easiest languages to learn, and is applicable to cutting-edge fields like artificial intelligence and data science!

-Ages 11-14
-July 18-22 from 9am-12pm

Sign up today! – $149

Junior Engineering Challenges

Students will complete different STEM challenges, from crafting boats out of duct tape to building marshmallow and toothpick castles, relying on teamwork and collaboration to engineer the best solution!

-Ages 6-9
-July 25-29 from 1-4pm

Sign up today! – $139

Advanced Engineering and 3D Printing

From small 3D prints to complex structures, students create it all! Throughout the week, they will take on various challenges that will teach the basics of engineering, and learn computer-aided design (CAD) to create their own 3D printed objects!

-Ages 10-14
-July 25-29 from 9am-12pm

Sign up today! – $149